Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Low libido in women

Many women suffer from low libido and low sex drive and this is a common problem among older women as they reach menopause but can also affect younger women.  According to studies the most common is hypoactive sexual desire disorder commonly referred to as low sex drive.  There are women who also have difficulty with orgasm and pain during intercourse. Majority of women for various reasons experience trouble regarding sex and fall under the category Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) which) is the decline or loss of sexual desire, stimulation, and orgasms which leads to many troubles during sex.

Stress and anxiety plays a major role in sexual desire and this is mainly due to the household chores, looking after the children and their busy schedule.  The multiple role that a woman has to shoulder causes tiredness and fatigue which has an impact on her sexual desire.  Depression and the antidepressant drugs which have side effects can also affect a woman’s desire for sex.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Regain your sexual desire in a safe way

Nowadays, a number of women losing sexual desire is increasing and this is prevalent among women of all ages but more often in older women and this is due to declining hormones, job stress, relationship issues, and other problems experienced by them. When a woman experiences a decrease in interest in sex, then it's considered a problem.  Sexual drive declines naturally with age based on physiological factors.  The most common causes for a loss of sexual desire and drive in women are due to lack of emotional satisfaction with her partner, job stress, tiredness or the birth of a child.

When the testosterone levels decrease and this normally declines after menopause, it affects the sex drive in a woman.  Even mental ailments like depression, fibroids, arthritis, high blood pressure and thyroid disorder also affect a woman's sexual drive both mentally and physically.  Oral contraceptives and certain drugs also causes low libido in women.    When a woman experiences pain during sex or an inability to orgasm, it can hinder the desire for sex.  Too much alcohol can also affect a woman’s sexual desire and so is smoking as it decreases blood flow   which may reduce arousal.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Get back your lost sexual desire with an effective female libido enhancer

Women experience low sexual desire at some points in their life and it happens especially when a woman ages. It takes times for her to get sexually aroused and it becomes less intense than it was in her younger days.  Physical Factors like anemia (low level of iron), hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases (like like Diabetes, Rhematoid Arthritis, Cancer,  Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, side effects of prescription drugs (tranquilizers, anti-Anxiety), alcohol and drug abuse, genital pain (before, during or after intercourse), hormonal imbalance, indigestion are some of the causes of low sexual desire in women.  Low libido can be also due to circulatory or breathing problems and body aches (low back pain, shoulder, knee pain and stomach pain).

Having a low libido can stop you from enjoying the pleasure of sex and this may lead to relationship problems due to unsatisfied sexual performance.    A safe way for overcoming low libido is with herbal female libido enhancer which is formulated from high quality herbal extracts and natural ingredients. Herbal female libido enhancers promote orgasms, improve blood flow to the clitoris, regulate hormonal levels and heighten sexual desire.  Compared to any other sexual enhancer which has harmful side-effects, these herbal supplements are completely safe and can be purchased easily because it does not require any medical prescription. These herbal pills are completely natural and allow women to play their role successfully making their sex life happy - www.femvigor.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Your solution to Low Libido and Sexual Desire

 Low libido can be considered when a woman loses interest in sex thereby affecting sexual life which leads to unpleasantness between both the partners.  If a woman suffers from low sexual drive then she should go for a natural way to overcome this problem.

There are lots of reasons for this. Physical factors like anemia, hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases, side effects of prescription drugs, alcohol and drug abuse, genital pain during intercourse, indigestion and body aches and pains are some of the causes and if you are under stress and depression in your life, then it is advisable to remain stress free by exercising, meditating, etc in order to increase your libido.

Leading a happy sexual life is important and hence once should take the right steps to achieve it.   If you lose interest in sex then it might affect the relationship that you share with your life partner.  It is therefore necessary to address the issue as soon as possible and be open and talk to your partner as it would help seek his support and sort things out.  Your partner will definitely understand and give you all the moral and emotional support required.

To increase your libido, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and exercising every day.  You should also sleep well and stay away from stress and this will help increase the sexual desire in you.

You can also start taking a herbal female libido enhancement supplement which are effective and safe and causes no harmful side effects. This will definitely bring a difference and the increases the sexual desire in you.  Visit  www.femvigor.com which will help you overcome low libido and increase your sexual desire and lead a pleasurable sexual life.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Why women experience low sex drive

There are a number of reasons why many women experience low sex drive and can be caused due to many physical problems. The most severe medical issues are the ones that affect the nervous system or cause nerve damage, such as diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, and stroke and all this can result in low sex drive.  Any type of hormonal imbalance will also affect sex drive as hormones play an important role in sexual drive. Women who pregnant or are nearing or experiencing menopause,  or who have had a full or partial hysterectomy, may experience low sex drive, as a result of changing levels of the hormones estrogen and prolactin.  Certain medications, such as the birth control pills, blood-pressure pills, and anti-depressants, can cause hormonal imbalance and low libido. Levels of testosterone decline in women with age which also can affect a woman’s sex drive. 

Excess weight and leading sedentary lifestyles are other common causes of low sexual desire. Being obese can cause many physical problems; a woman feels tired, depressed, insecure and also have an effect on breathing and the heart. For some women, low sex drive is due to a psychological or emotional issue the moist common being stress like relationship problems, anxiety, financial problems etc.     If there is poor blood circulation and there is no proper flow in the genital area, then it will result in low libido, no sexual arousal and painful intercourse.

While there are several medical options available, natural ways to increase and help improve low sex drive are safe and effective ways to overcome this problem.  Regular exercising, having a healthy diet and taking a   herbal supplement will improve your mood and libido as well as  overall health safely and effectively.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Female Libido Enhancing supplements to increase low libido

Libido is also known as sex drive and is usually high among young people. However, changes begin to rise as they grow older and the diminished sexual desire naturally happens in  women due to psychological, physical and environmental factors. Women experience low libido due to hormonal changes since they undergo several processes regularly like menstrual cycles and the premenopausal stages.    There are different physical and mental symptoms that can reduce libido such as hot flashes, insomnia, irritability and muscle pain. In some cases hormone imbalance can be the cause of low libido such as painful intercourse, irritability or mood swings, irregular or painful menses and vaginal dryness.   low sex drive could also due to side effect from a prescription drug they may need to take. Smoking and drinking too much of alcohol as well as being overweight can also lead to a reduction in sex drive.

You can overcome low libido by eating a nutritious diet consisting of healthy carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals. You should also take enough of rest and sleep well.   Reduce stress and anxiety by finding activities like exercising, walking, yoga, etc.  It is important to revive communication with your partner  and find romantic ways to improve your view towards sex.   

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Increase female sex drive and libido with herbal supplement

Many women suffer from a low libido or loss of desire for sexual lovemaking and is more common in women than in men and the reason can be physical or psychological. Physical factors can be due to imbalance of hormones such as in conditions of menopause and pregnancy, vaginal dryness, medical issues, certain medications, alcoholism and drugs. The psychological factors may be stress, anxiety, depression or relationship issues as these can affect relationship between the partners and further lower the female libido.

There are many ways to address the issue of low libido.  Exercising and a proper healthy diet help the body and mind to remain calm and free of stress.  There are herbal libido enhancing supplements available which are gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and safety.  They help to increase female libido and to perform better in bed without any harmful side effects. This is a natural and safe way to increase the sex drive and is cost effective too.  The herbs used in these supplements enhance the sensitivity in the clitoris by increasing blood flow, strengthens the hormone system and enhances female libido and sex drive and leaves a soothing effect.  It also helps to calm the nerves, balances the female hormone system and helps in reducing stress.  

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